World Science Festival Brisbane Fossils! Queensland's Quirkiest Creatures

21 Mar
Playhouse, QPAC

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Queensland’s quirky creatures won’t stay hidden for long as scientific experts interrogate the fossils they left behind. A wonderful show for primary school aged children and their families, experience an unforgettable presentation into the world of palaeontology and hear thrilling stories about the animals that once roamed our planet.

Explore the Queensland Museum’s extensive and priceless fossil collection to uncover some of Queensland’s most intriguing extinct creatures.

This program explores Ethical Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry, with key curriculum links in Biological Science for Years P,1,3-6, Earth Science for Years 4,6 and Technologies for Years P-6. Supporting Learning Resources: I Dig Discovery.

Explore the full World Science Festival program here.

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