From 4 Jan 2024
Cremorne Theatre, QPAC
1 hour 15 minutes
(no interval, subject to change without notice)
$69 *
* A transaction fee of $7.20 applies.

Smoke-o’s over!
Your delivery has arrived and it’s time for some hard yakka.


DANGEROUS GOODS is an unapologetic and hot-as-hell cabaret of provocative performances, jaw-dropping physical feats, and powerful acts of rebellion. 

Featuring a world class lineup of circus, aerials, drag, burlesque and power vocals, iconic performance renegades Polytoxic bring you an unforgettable evening of high-octane entertainment that is fully-loaded and flammable AF.

Polytoxic has a long history of making work that starts with a party and ends with a call to arms. DANGEROUS GOODS is about lighting up ‘dangerous’ ideas – such as self-determination, gender politics, cultural inclusivity, diversity – and exploding them within a cabaret world of satire and humour, female strength and body sovereignty.

Polytoxic will do what we do best! Give audiences a highly entertaining, hilarious night out, alongside some delicious, thought provoking conversations for audiences to take with them as they leave.

This is cabaret for the brave new world, with a crew of diverse, multi-talented, super-powered femmes ready to blow minds and shift paradigms.

Handle with care… or ya might get burned.

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Presented by QPAC


Directed, Created & Conceived by Lisa Fa’alafi & Leah Shelton
Sound Design: Kim ‘Busty Beatz’ Bowers, Kenneth Lyons & Pataphysics in collaboration with Lisa Fa’alafi & Leah Shelton
Set Design: Lisa Fa’alafi & Leah Shelton in collaboration with Freddy Komp
Lighting Design: Steven May
Production Manager: Freddy Komp
Production / Stage Manager: Winter Cyan
Rigger: Helen Clifford
Costume Design: Lisa Fa’alafi & Leah Shelton in collaboration with Sharon Clarke
Costume Realisation: Sharon Clarke, Chloe Greaves, Jim Ioannides, Lisa Fa’alafi, Leah Shelton & Jane Shelton
Choreography: Lisa Fa’alafi & Leah Shelton in collaboration with the cast
Original Song and Spoken Word Composition: Lisa Fa’alafi

Polytoxic acknowledges the following original works brought to the production:
Bang (hoops act) - Lillikoi Kaos
Lollipop (sideshow act) - Lilikoi Kaos
Strict Machine (aerial straps act) - Bridie Hooper
Possession of a Weapon (besser blocks act) - co-created with Polytoxic, based on original concept by Bridie Hooper

Lisa Fa’alafi
Leah Shelton
Kalala Sione
Lilikoi Kaos
Mayu Muto
Bridie Hooper

Plus a weekly rotating cast of special guests to be announced!