World Science Festival Brisbane Library Labs All Creatures Great and Small

22 - 26 Mar 2023
Brisbane City Council Libraries

Visit your local Brisbane City Council library to discover animals from all around the world, and the special ones that live in your Brisbane backyard! From the local grasshopper, to the Bornean Sun bear – learn about all creatures great and small and how you can protect them.  

World Science Festival Brisbane 2023 will be popping up in 11 Brisbane City Council libraries across Brisbane to educate the future scientists of this city.  

Author, educator and puppeteer Dr Sarah Pye will open young minds to the world around them and the ways in which we can all protect it. Dr Sarah Pye will facilitate a series of readings (featuring many puppet friends) and hands-on workshops. Dr Pye’s workshops will focus on animals from all around the world along with tailored content on what we might discover in our Brisbane backyards, touching on rainforest biodiversity, ecology and conservation. 

Andy Howe from Insect Investigators will take us on a journey down to a micro level, discovering the fascinating world of the insects around us, participants learn to observe, assess, describe and document insects, helping scientists discover new species and protect our precious insect life!  

Presented by World Science Festival Brisbane and Queensland Museum Network

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