City Symphony A Live Music & Film Concert Series

Until 26 Nov
Cinema A, GOMA

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Celebrating a vivid and frenetic mode of filmmaking which began in the 1920s to document the excitement and chaos of modernity and the global rise of the metropolis, City Symphony brings together a selection of films that capture the rhythm and poetry of a city in flux. 

Presented as a series of ten Live Music & Film performances, the program will run monthly from February to November throughout 2023 at the Australian Cinémathèque, GOMA. Insightful and fascinating, these early cinematic experiments are a meld of documentary and film poem, that respond to the complexities of urban life and range from a joyous celebration of the bustling metropolis to a revealing portrait of hardships in communal and industrial spaces.

These stylish snapshots of city life include either the whole film or large portions of the film with no spoken word and a musical soundtrack. Each screening will be presented with live musical accompaniment on stage and will include cinema gems such as German director Walter Ruttman’s Berlin, Die Sinfonie der Großstadt (Berlin, Symphony of a Great City) 1927 to the early Soviet masterpiece by Dziga Vertov Человек С Кино-Аппаратом (Man with a Movie Camera) 1929.

Presented by the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art

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