Changing the Conversation Cultural and Human Rights in the Digital Age

14 Jun 2023
Concert Hall, QPAC
1 hour 30 minutes
(no interval, subject to change without notice)
$25 *
* A transaction fee of $7.20 applies.

Presented in Concert Hall Reverse Mode

This event is presented in Concert Hall Reverse Mode with the audience seated in close proximity to the speakers on the Concert Hall stage.

Multicultural Australia in partnership with QPAC is excited to be hosting Changing the Conversation: Cultural and Human Rights in the Digital Age, the second event in a new series of thought-provoking discussions exploring key issues in our increasingly multicultural society.

Facilitated by Benjamin Law, and featuring a panel of experts, the discussion will explore approaches to individually and collectively navigate the challenges, and opportunities of living in an era of seemingly unstoppable technology and new forms of community and culture shaped by online and offline interactions.

The digital world offers many different experiences. We are more connected, and at the same time more remote. The start-up movement has transformed our workplaces and our public lives are increasingly being lived from the privacy of our homes.

In the age of opportunity, where technology has the potential to build cultural bridges, enable greater inclusion and equal opportunity through increased connectivity, innovation, and transformation of services, how can we overcome the many challenges that come with technological advancements? Issues such as the digital exclusion of historically marginalised groups, the impact of systemic bias being embedded into AI systems and algorithms, and a lack of appropriate safeguards to protect the vulnerable have the potential to make our society more unequal.

Join us for this important and stimulating conversation in the Concert Hall this June.

About Changing the Conversation

Bringing together thought leaders from academia, government, business, and the community to engage in robust discussions about multiculturalism in the Australian context, the Changing the Conversation series – presented by Multicultural Australia in partnership with QPAC – explores issues of who and where we are as a nation and what we need to do to create a society that better reflects and cares for all its people. Changing the Conversation: Cultural and Human Rights in the Digital Age is the second of four events in this series to be held in 2023.

Multicultural Australia and QPAC