Dr Stephen R C Hicks: Masterclass Series

Venue Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, Clarendon Room

Dates 10 Mar 2019

Dr Stephen R C Hicks: Masterclass Series - Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, Clarendon Room - Tickets

Masterclass series
Enlightenment Progress - or Postmodern Discontents

A day with Dr. Stephen Hicks

After A Day With Dr Hicks, you will:
• Have a deep understanding of postmodernism, a historical analysis to its morphing into 3rd generation postmodernism.
• Learn how to best combat postmodernism and develop strategies to move forward and advance genuine civilization.
• Learn strategies to converse with those who push postmodern agendas.
• Strategies to move forward and develop genuine civilization.
• You will be able to ask Dr Hicks about any topics surrounding postmodernism.

Event format: 

9:00 am: MC introduction

Lecture 1: "Being Human - On Identity Politics and Agency."
Topic: Are we autonomous individuals with the capacity to shape our own thoughts, values, and actions? The most consistent postmodernists reduce the humans to a passive vehicle through which collective identities flow.  How can we respond to this identity challenge? Q&A

Short break

Lecture 2: "Knowing Ourselves and the World: Objectivity or Strong Skepticism?"
Topic: Humans have a powerful mind for grasping complex realities, but it has limitations and is fallible. Strong skeptics - the postmodernists among them - take those limitations and fallibilities to imply that only subjective narratives exist, none ultimately better than any other. How can we respond to this epistemological challenge? Q&A


Lecture 3: "Human Goodness: Facts and Values, Self and Others"
Topic: A meaningful life depends upon genuine values and their achievement, both individually and socially. Strong postmodernism replaces that possibility, portraying instead a human condition of ceaseless group conflict dominated by amoral power. How do we respond to this value challenge? Q&A

Short break

Lecture 4: "Civilization's Institutions and Power Politics"
Topic: Liberal education seeks to cultivate the independent-mindedness, creativity, tolerance, and respect for achievement that makes possible a vital culture. Postmodernism has captured significant functions of universities and is recasting their purposes and methods. How do we respond to this institutional challenge? Q&A

Signing, free photo with Dr Hicks.

Stephen Hicks is a Canadian-American philosopher who teaches at Rockford University, Illinois. He has had visiting positions at Oxford University (England), Kasimir the Great University (Poland), and has lectured at universities across North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. He specializes in modern European philosophy and politics, and has written extensively on Kant, Marx, including his two books, Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault and Nietzsche and the Nazis.

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