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Happy Days
Venue Bille Brown Studio, 78 Montague Rd, South Brisbane
Dates From 18 Jul to 15 Aug 2015

Winnie is trapped. Buried to her waist in a desolate place, under the pitiless gaze of the sun, she kindles hope out of a hundred little rituals and distracts herself with chatter and her meagre bag of possessions as her slow sink into oblivion continues. Is this brave woman the eternal optimist – or just deep in denial?

Samuel Beckett’s absurd, surreal masterpiece Happy Days is a powerful tale of resilience and of one woman’s struggle to survive against the odds - a rueful hymn to the adaptability and indomitability of the human spirit, and an exploration of the meaning of life itself. Winnie is a tour-de-force role for a female actor, and Queensland theatre icon Carol Burns is set to bring her to life at the Bille Brown Studio.

Winnie has a brave heart first and foremost. We are all trying to make our way through life as best we can and Winnie uses all the resources that are available to her, wisely husbanded, to get through the day. This script is like a piece of music and you must let yourself feel it through to the end, and then consider the journey.Carol Burns

… the greatest role for a woman in Beckett’s work and has been described as the actress’s equivalent of King Lear.The Telegraph

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