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Venue Diane Cilento Studio, 78 Montague Rd, South Brisbane
Dates From 29 Jul to 22 Aug 2015

She was the queen of the skies. The Air Force’s finest. Top Gun. She lived for the squeeze of the trigger as she rained missiles down on the minarets below. But then she fell in love, fell pregnant, and fell back to earth with a bump.

Rekindling her career, The Pilot finds warfare has changed. No longer soaring above the battlefield, instead she slumps in a chair in the Nevada desert, peering at images of a different desert half a world away for twelve hours at a time. She’s a Reaper drone pilot, remotely controlling a death-dealing robot, a pitiless $11 million eye in the sky that can obliterate a convoy or village in seconds.

As the sands of America and Afghanistan start to blur, The Pilot realises it’s one thing to go off to war, but quite another to fight a war wirelessly, clock off, and kiss your child goodnight.

Featuring Libby Munro, who stunned audiences and critics with her blistering Matilda award winning performance in 2013's Venus in Fur, as The Pilot.

George Brant’s writing is compelling and has rightly won awards.The Telegraph

What is a diva?

She’s a woman of exceptional skill and charisma. A woman who commands her audience to listen. She is a warrior, traveller, artist, mother, superstar, wife, sister, worker, healer, magician, leader. She is everywoman.

Queensland Theatre Company’s 2015 DIVA program brings together five theatrical goddesses, each taking centre stage in their own tour-de-force performances.

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