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Triple X
Venue Bille Brown Theatre
Dates From 14 Mar to 4 Apr 2020

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By Glace Chase
Directed by Paige Rattray
Queensland Theatre Company Premiere | A Sydney Theatre Company co-production.

A deliciously naughty anti-romance

Scotty has it all: a multimillion-dollar loft in downtown Manhattan, a high-flying Wall Street job, and he’s about to marry the perfect fiancée, who also happens to be loaded. But when he meets trans performance artist Dexie, he discovers he wants something more. A friend? A confidante? A lover?

When the secret of their affair gets out, it’s sure to shock not only his dudebro Jase, his highly-strung mother Deb, and his lesbian activist sister Claire, but also a theatre audience strapped in for the ride of their lives. From the wickedly funny pen of Australian-born, New York-based playwright, comedienne and performer Glace Chase, this play is an hilarious, honest and emotionally affecting look at entitlement, hypocrisy, and the realities of love.

As a playwright, Glace Chase has won two Griffin Awards and the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award and has been shortlisted for almost every playwriting award in Australia.
Back home in New York, Glace Chase runs Dream Queen Tours of Greenwich Village – a walking tour, pub crawl and comedy show rolled into one.

Designer Renée Mulder
Lighting Designer Ben Hughes
Composer/Sound Designer Kelly Ryall
Intimacy Director Nigel Poulton
Cast includes: Glace Chase (A Hoax, Dream Queen Tours (NY)), Josh McConville (Top End Wedding, Outlaws), Christen O’Leary (Twelfth Night, Ladies in Black), Contessa Treffone (Harp in the South: Part I & II)

Presented by Queensland Theatre and Sydney Theatre Company (a co-production)

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