Death of a Salesman

Venue Playhouse, QPAC
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Dates From 9 Feb to 2 Mar 2019

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As the death-rattle of American optimism echoes through the land of the Free Market, travelling salesman Willy Loman loses himself in the halcyon haze of the past.

Once the king of the road, Willy is veering off it. Time was, he could sell anyone anything, and his reward was the whole package: wife, two sons, the car, the white picket fence. But now he’s feeling his years. He’s behind on the mortgage, he’s sidelined by his wet-behind-the-ears boss, and the final straw is when his adult son Biff – once a sporting prodigy, now a directionless disappointment – lands on the doorstep, further loosening Willy’s grip on the reality of his broken-down life.

Arthur Miller’s towering classic is a timeless meditation on the human need to feel special, a withering commentary on capitalism, and a tragic portrait of a fallout between father and son.

Directed by Jason Klarwein
Set Designer Richard Roberts
Associate Designer/Costume Designer Anthony Spinaze
Lighting Designer Verity Hampson
Composer/Sound Designer Justin Harrison
Cast includes: Charles Allen, Kevin Hides, Thomas Larkin, Jackson McGovern, Angie Milliken, Ilai Swindells



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Feb 2019 Mar
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