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Queensland Ballet's Bespoke
Venue QUT Gardens Theatre
Dates 7 to 17 Oct 2021

Every step a dynamic story

Now in its fourth season, Bespoke is Queensland Ballet’s annual production tailored for lovers of contemporary dance. Be immersed in a dynamic and high-powered dance experience brought to the stage by established choreographers and upcoming dance creators.

A visual treat of contemporary dance that stretches the imagination and pushes the dancers to their boundaries, Bespoke 2021 introduces the audience to a new way of thinking about movement and storytelling in this innovative, edgy and captivating experience. Follow Queensland Ballet’s classically trained dancers as they explore new avenues of innovative and inspiring choreography.

Collaborating together with creative artists in elements of music, design and digital technology, Bespoke is daring and original. Enter a world of technical and artistic possibility. Be part of an audience compelled by the possibility and beauty of movement, where Queensland Ballet tells the story of dance in today’s world. Through the power and intrigue of contemporary dance, Queensland Ballets Bespoke season is a must see.

Choreographers Natalie Weir, Jack Lister, Paul Boyd, Rani Luther

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