Why Donate?
Every dollar you donate to Opera Queensland helps us to fulfil our mission by:

- Enhancing the artistic viability of the company
- Investing in Opera Queensland’s future
- Investing in our artists
- Helping us reveal the power and beauty of opera to more audiences
- Helping us share the love of opera with students all over Queensland

What will your donation contribute to?

- $50 contributes to the creation of a teacher resource kit
- $100 enables a regional school student to attend one of our award winning workshops
- $250 contributes to the creation of an artist’s costume for a school’s production
- $500 covers return airfares for an artist to regional QLD to deliver a student workshop
- $1000 contributes to an emerging artist’s fee for regional education work.

We welcome any donation, whatever the amount and any donation of $2 or more is tax deductible.

2018 OperaQ Donations
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