Is This The Worst Game Show Ever? - Gympie Civic Centre, 32 Mellor Street, Gympie - Tickets

Is This The Worst Game Show Ever?
Venue Gympie Civic Centre, 32 Mellor Street, Gympie
Dates 13 Oct 2018

Come and watch guest comedians battle it out on stage in the ultimate serious comedy quiz night. In a series of increasingly challenging questions and potentially life threatening tasks, there will be one, may be two winner/s. Optional audience participation and unpredictable scoring system means everyone’s in with a chance to be crowned champion. The show may be padded out with sketches, stand up and other performances if we get sick of writing questions. A cross between Mastermind, Ultimate Cage Fighting, and the Royal Variety Hour all in one room in Gympie.
With rounds such as ‘the Sock Sort Spectacular’ ‘Spell That Sound Effect’ and ‘The Macguyver Challenge’ this is a show not to be missed, as it may be swiftly cancelled due to OH&S concerns.
Strictly limited run of 22-25 nights only. Hosted by award winning comedian, Yianni Agisilaou and friends. This is wildly overpromising in every regard and all to a funky playlist of the best thinking music a quiz show has ever seen.
★★★★★★★ – Presumed star rating in anticipation of premiere.

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General Admission $20

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