I Spied, True Confessions of an ex-ASIO Spook - Gympie Civic Centre, 32 Mellor Street, Gympie - Tickets

I Spied, True Confessions of an ex-ASIO Spook
Venue Gympie Civic Centre, 32 Mellor Street, Gympie
Dates 12 Oct 2018

DC Callan, Australia’s least reputable spy is back and he’s not happy.
Since “I Spied” smashed box office records and the reviewers’ star ratings system in Adelaide Fringe a lot has happened in the world of Intelligence and Security:
• Australia’s own Julian Assange took such a massive Wikileak all over US intelligence that he is forced to live in an Ecuadorian toilet;
• Kim Jong Un and North Korea proved the old adage that “No nukes is good nukes”;
• And Valdimir Putin won the US presidential election
Now with ASIO’s powers being expanded like never before and the threat of terrorism in the very streets we walk down, we all want to know just what the Hell is going on…
And only one man has the answers: David Callan – the only man in the world to leave the spying game for the comedy game – and while his answers may not always be the right ones, they are bloody funny.
With an insight born of seven years working for ASIO and ten years entertaining the intelligence troops at Security conferences and functions in undisclosed locations, Callan has been unpicking the tangled web of deceit and secrets to reveal the true workings of the modern spy agency.
And he has discovered that in the world of intelligence, it seems intelligence is the one thing that might be in short supply.
With all-new tales of daring-do and daring-don’t, Callan will lay bare the workings of the seedy underbelly of international espionage and show you that, while you may think you need to know, you probably don’t want to.
If there is one show that will make Peter Dutton’s head explode, this is the one.

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